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What is Gum Surgery?

What is gum surgery?

Gum repair or surgery is performed when the gums develop into diseases such as gum infection. This type of surgery is also called gum surgery. The purpose of gum repair is to treat gum-related diseases as well as eliminate the following damage:

• Repair the jawbone as well as damaged tissues that are associated with the gums.

• Prevent tooth fall

• Reduce the gap between gum teeth

• This is done to eliminate bacteria and infection.

• Deformation of the jawbone to reduce the risk of bacterial growth in bone incision.

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What kind of problems can gingival repair solve?

Gum surgery is performed to treat some gum-related diseases. Diseases such as gynoitis and periodontitis are diseases that must require gum surgery for treatment.

جراحی لثه چیست؟

What is Ginite disease?

A condition that causes redness of the gums or swelling and bleeding of the gums is called gynoitis. In some cases, if oral hygiene is not observed, the gums develop the disease.

 What is tooth inflammation and why does it happen?

The disease puts the patient in a healthy state and his condition can develop over time. when the disease progresses, the gums eventually separate from the teeth. Due to this gap between teeth and gums, bacteria are trapped in this vacuum and cause infections in that area. In the end, the disease can cause tooth decay and can cause serious bone damage.

جراحی لثه چیست؟

Types of surgery and gum repair

The type of gum repair depends on the severity and type of your illness. However, at any stage, the dentist should clean the gums before surgery and remove all bacteria so as not to cause infection during surgery. Different types of gum surgery include:
Gingival flap: This type of surgery is performed on people who have an abscess or deep periodontitis. During this surgery, the gum tissue is removed from the tooth so that the infections can be removed and the gums replaced at the end of the operation. In some cases, the jawbone may need to be replaced with surgery.

Bone graft: In some cases, the bone around the root of the tooth is damaged. As a result, the site may need a bone graft. In this transplant, the individual’s own bone is most likely used.
Reconstruction and regeneration of gum tissue: The possibility of gum tissue being located in a specific place of the bone as it grows causes the bone to grow, almost high. You will need gum surgery to solve this problem. In this surgery, the dentist should insert a very small piece between the gums and bones. Prevents gum growth in a place that is special for bones. After that, the grafted tissue is placed in place again and grows.

Is gum repair and surgery related to pain?

Depending on the type of surgery used for treatment, in some cases the surgery may be painful. In some cases, the patient prefers to be completely unconscious, but in some cases an anesthetic is used, causing you not to feel any pain.

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