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Ceramic Laminate

The cost of ceramic laminate and explanations on the subject

Ceramic laminate must be ordered, manufactured and executed individually. This type of laminate is actually a very thin cortex that is placed on the teeth. Ceramic dental laminate can also be used to correct smile design.
The longevity of ceramic laminate is relatively high due to its high resistance. In general, it can be said that this lifespan is about 15 to 20 years. A good feature of ceramic laminate is that they don’t stain easily. Of course, the most important reason people use ceramic laminates is because it has a very high impact on the beautification of teeth. Since teeth play a very important role in facial beauty, many people are looking for laminate.

لمینت سرامیکی

What are the common characteristics of laminate coatings?

All laminates are very thin having high durability. Fortunately, laminates look very natural and in many cases, others do not notice your use of laminates. The laminates are customized for each individual and permanently attached to the front part of the teeth.

Types of ceramic tooth laminate

  • One of these types is feldspathic laminates.
  • The other type is ips systems.
  • Laminate is a ceramic laminate using CAD-CAM systems.
  • Laminate with zirconia coating as well as laminate with aluminum base.


لمینت سرامیکی

Steps to perform ceramic laminate

First, the patient must be examined and if they require special treatment to prepare the plates (such as orthodontics), they must take these steps first.  This is done at this point.

After the dental preparation is completed, at this point the person’s teeth will be polished with a very small amount.  In the next step, the tooth formation is designed and the mold is sent to the laboratory to start making the laminate through the mold.

 In some cases making ceramic laminate molds, one first uses ready-made molds for a short time so that if everything fits.  In the last step, the made chips are placed on the teeth.

لمینت سرامیکی

How does ceramic laminate fit for us?

  • To relieve the lack of regulation and the little crookedness in the teeth
  • To whiten dark and badly colored teeth
  • Remove gaps between teeth.
  • Remove stains on the teeth.
  • Making lips deformed or broken teeth.

لمینت سرامیکی

In what case the ceramic laminate should not use for us

• If you are one of the people whose teeth are very close to your lips, laminate is not suitable for you.

• People who are accustomed to teeth grinding are also included in this category.

• If you have severe dental wear, you should not go for ceramic laminate.

• If you don’t care about the hygiene of your teeth, using laminate is not suitable for you at all.

• The last category are people whose enamel thickness is not enough.

Ceramic and composite laminate differences.

The material used in these two types of laminates is different. The cost of composite laminate is lower than ceramic laminate. The next thing is that these two types of laminates are also different in terms of durability. In fact, the lifespan of ceramic laminate is greater than composite. But in general, if you are also thinking about the beauty of your teeth and have the desired conditions, we recommend using ceramic laminate.

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