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What is smile design?

Smile design, beautiful smile with beautiful teeth

Smile design is one of the cosmetic methods in the field of dentistry that is becoming more and more popular today. Because a beautiful smile gives a special beauty to each person and has a positive effect in all respects. However, some people avoid laughing due to the poor condition of their teeth and gums. If you consider yourself one of those people and do not have enough confidence to laugh at the combination, we are here to help you design a smile that would be the perfect and beautiful smile for you.

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The first step in the way a smile is designed is to validate the gums and teeth. In addition, other conditions such as appropriate tooth shape with facial shape or shape and high gums also need to be changed according to the dentist’s opinion. What matters is the end result, i.e. modifying the smile design and creating a more beautiful, natural and healthy smile on your face.

As we said, to fix your smile, you need to do some work with the dentist. We offer you the below things that can be sought.


 Orthodontics are one of the ways in which they have been used in many cases and are almost the best treatment. In fact, orthodontics can be used to solve various problems such as twisted teeth in front of the jaw, pressure and tooth overlap. Although it takes time for this long procedure, it is worth waiting given its benefits.

dental implants

Obviously, if there is a large distance between two of your teeth, your smile is not very beautiful. In the process of correcting the design of the smile, instead of the teeth that no longer exist, they use dentures and implants. Of course, as you know, dental implants require oral surgery. But by doing so, we will make sure that you bring beauty and health back to your teeth.

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Correcting the color of teeth

Factors such as smoking, shisha and drinking too much coffee can change the color of your teeth. To remove the color of teeth and whiten them, you can use methods such as peeling, cleaning gums, composite materials and ceramic slices.

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How much does it cost to design a smile?

Different factors have an impact on determining the cost and price of smile design. These factors depend on the use of advanced devices and equipment, the doctor’s level of experience and skill, the number of modified teeth, how and how to treat. So first you should see an experienced dentist to check your teeth.

However, because teeth are an important part of the human face, we suggest that if you feel you need to design a smile, feel free. Regardless of the cost of designing a smile and doing so, it not only gives health and beauty to your teeth, But also make sure you don’t have any complications.

طراحی لبخند چیست؟

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