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How to whiten teeth?

What is teeth whitening, and how is it done?

Teeth whitening

Many people who visit the dentist complain about the yellow color of their teeth and the fact that as much as they brush their teeth, it has no effect on lightening their teeth. Unfortunately, these color changes cannot be eliminated by household methods.

Even if these treatments have an effect on the color of the teeth, make sure they are not permanent and temporary. In order to be able to whiten your teeth permanently, you must go to the dentist. Teeth whitening is one of the  most important ways to make teeth clearer. With this way you can get a beautiful smiley design.

بلیچینگ دندان چیست؟

 In bleaching, hydrogen peroxide is used to oxidized pigments that have become abnormal. Many people think that bleaching and teeth whitening are the ones , but you have to know that the two are completely different. However, the goal of both methods is the same.

Bleaching is a very simple way to do more through the substances inside the toothpaste. But bleaching is a complex practice that is done in the following ways:

*Home teeth whitening

*Teeth whitening in the doctor’s office

*Home bleaching

If you decide to do bleaching at home, just go to your orthodontist. In an expert session, the design will be carefully formed from the teeth above and below, and in the next session you will be able to deliver the mold to you. Surely you will be explained to whiten your teeth at home.

For bleaching at home, hydrogen peroxide should be used at a concentration of about 3 to 20 per cent. After that, the percentage of hydrogen peroxide your doctor said should be combined with other bleaches and poured into the orthodontic mold. Finally, place the mold on your teeth for the same number of hours recommended by your doctor.

Professional bleaching in the office

The biggest drawback of bleaching at home is that, due to errors in the formula after doing work, a lot of sensitivities in the teeth and even oral tissue will lead to damage.

The proportion of hydrogen peroxide used in the bleaching process is about 15-44%. Since this process will be done with a protection tool, you don’t have to worry and make sure there are no problems for you.

Another important point is to remember that no dental treatment will be a final outcome and will need to be extended after a while.

For more information on the price of teeth whitening and other cosmetic dental services, contact Clinic White Smile  Dental Clinic or fill out the dental appointment form and send it to us.

بلیچینگ دندان چیست؟

Why do our teeth change color?

Sometimes, even if we brush regularly, our teeth will continue to change color, even if the color changes temporarily. However, one of the best ways to prevent yellowing of teeth is to brush and observe oral hygiene.

What does bleaching do to your teeth?

We eat a lot of food a day and we don’t know what effect they can have on our enamel. On the other hand, most foods have pigments that change the color of teeth over time.

What is teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening is one of the criteria for the beauty of everyone’s face. Whitening or teeth whitening is one of the best cosmetic treatments. Bleaching has been welcomed by many because of its reasonable cost, lack of toothaches and lack of dental damage.

Bleaching or teeth whitening is a treatment that removes pigmentation that changes the color of the teeth over time and gives you beautiful white teeth.

What is tooth mass?

Tooth mass is composed of a mineral that is present on the teeth, and the greatest amount of mass is seen on the lower front teeth as the saliva gland duct opens to the lower front tooth part. The mass on the teeth is a very good place for germs, and over time it causes gum disease, gum bone resorption and gum bleeding. The mass on the tooth causes the gum to go back over time and the root of the tooth can be seen.


بلیچینگ دندان

How to scale the teeth?

In the dental cleaning method, the mass and color of the external pigments are removed from the teeth. By scaling the tooth, the color of the tooth itself does not change and does not become more noticeable, but only removes the mass from the tooth.

The method of scaling and cleaning the teeth eliminatetes damage to the surface  of the teeth, but this method does not whiten the surface inside the tooth.

Benefits of dental scaling

Tooth scaling reduces tooth decay and also improves gingivitis.  The benefits of scaling the tooth are as long as no re-scaling forms on the tooth.  Oral hygiene must be maintained when scaling is done.

The cost of tooth scaling

In order to determine the cost of dental scaling, several cases should be considered, including the dentist’s expertise and skills and dental condition.

What is the difference between bleaching and tooth scaling?

bleaching and scaling both make the teeth clearer. The type and amount of teeth whitening varies in each of these methods. The scaling clears the stains and external materials that cling to the surface of the tooth. Bleaching penetrates the tooth and whitens and illuminates the entire body of the tooth.

In the whitening method, the gums are completely covered with a special material and whitening gel is applied to the oysters of the teeth of both jaws.  This gel stays on the teeth for 20 to 30 minutes and radiation is used to activate this gel.

Then, after the bleach is wiped off, the excess pigment is removed from the teeth and the actual color of the teeth appears.

Post-bleaching dental care

  •  Wash your teeth twice a day with warm water.
  •  Avoid smoking cigarettes and hookahs.
  •  Avoid foods containing pigments for 24 hours.
  •  Use anti-allergy toothpaste to brush.

When do teeth need bleaching?

Yellow teeth and structure over time.
yellowing teeth because of smoking and dietary habits that cause yellowing of teeth.

Whitening for restored teeth

Bleaching affects only natural teeth. The teeth that are repaired or painted, whitening does not affect them. People who have pigments on their teeth due to eating food, smoking and tobacco use.

teeth bleaching materials

Bleaching substances that cause teeth whitening are called hydrogen peroxide, which separates the pigment from age and over time hydrogen peroxide penetrates the basic parts of the teeth.

How much does it cost to have your teeth whitened?

The cost of teeth whitening varies depending on the treatment chosen by the person. The cost of bleaching is determined by factors such as dentist skill, frame building by laboratory and gels for teeth whitening, dentist’s wages and consumer equipment.

 Whitening benefits

The whitening process is very short and takes place in one session.

Bleaching is one of the easiest and fastest ways to whiten teeth.

The cost of whitening is cheaper than other methods of teeth whitening.

Bleaching is a low and easy procedure.

The number of teeth whitening sessions

Teeth whitening is done in a doctor’s office with a one-hour treatment session.
A whitening session may also be required depending on the patient’s condition and the amount of tooth stains.

How long do teeth stay white after whitening?

For each person, depending on the amount of bad color and gender of the tooth, their color may change from one degree to several degrees of teeth. The final amount of teeth whitening cannot be detected after bleaching.

Light teeth whitening

In the past, UV lamps have been used for teeth whitening, and Today blue rays are used, which are easily accessible and also safer.

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