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Hollywood Smile

Hollywood Smile

  Of course, it is very important for everyone to like to be beautiful and to be noticed. The face plays a very important role in beauty and the most important thing is a person’s smile that is visible at first sight. On the other hand, having a beautiful smile, healthy lips and teeth are also very important.

  A Hollywood smile means your teeth are smooth, one-handed and white. This will make your lips look more beautiful. There are several ways to have a beautiful Hollywood smile.

  The reason these smiles are called Hollywood smiles is that Hollywood actors usually have strong white teeth and always have a beautiful smile.

لبخند هالیوودی

Creating Hollywood Smiles from Luminiers

As mentioned above, there are many ways to make Hollywood smile, one of which is to use stars. Many people use chips and vehicles to fix this problem. These two methods are very suitable for toothaches.

لبخند هالیوودی

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But a number of people don’t want to use laminates and are dissatisfied that their teeth are being polished to some extent. These people are recommended to use luminers.

This method is one of the latest and most modern ways to repair teeth. Luminaries ceramics are manufactured by an American company and have a lot of popularity among the public.

Different ways to smile in Hollywood

  The Luminers are among the methods that charge a lot of money. But if you want to treat your teeth at a lower cost, you first need to look at the shape and condition in which your teeth are. For example, if your teeth are poorly colored and in need of whitening, you should apply bleaching. If your teeth are chipped and challenged, you should first get orthodontics. As you know, orthodontics take a very long time, but remember that doing this plays a huge role in making your teeth and lips more beautiful. To fill your teeth, you must also act as quickly as possible and remember that the color of the materials you want to fill your teeth will have a huge impact on  your smile.

لبخند هالیوودی

The persistence of Hollywood smile design

One of the questions that keeps everyone’s minds occupied is the position of how long they need to design a Hollywood smile. We have to tell you that the exact shelf-life of everything that is done on your teeth is not predictable. In fact, this position depends very much on the hygiene of the person’s oral health.

But if you don’t do hygiene properly, your teeth will definitely return to their original state. At the same time, many dental measures require renewal. For example, if you have bleached your teeth, you will need to do it again for a while. It is even possible that after a while your teeth will return to their original state, in which case you will need to repeat the bleaching process again.

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