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Dental laminate

Description, cost and price of dental laminate

Another name is laminate, laminate or layered veneer. In this method, dental laminate is used with materials that match the color of a person’s tooth or Hollywood white materials to treat teeth, eliminate the gap between the teeth, and correct their shape and form.
In today’s world, dental laminate is one of the most important and popular methods of cosmetic restoration in dentistry. By this way, you can choose the color and form of your teeth according to your taste and desire.

لمینت دندان

In order to be able to do tooth lamination, you need to have good jaw and gum conditions. However, the diagnosis is the responsibility of the relevant physician. For example, if a person needs orthodontics, laminate is not a good option for that person at all.

Dental lamination procedures for qualified persons

If you have someone to do lament favorable conditions, in two stages can be laminated to do. In the first session to the teeth in a few desire not to damage to teeth, shaving, and then began molding.

The second stage of dental laboratories is done by the lab. lament a very thin crust is similar to the material and shape of the teeth. This lament are individually made and after being built by laboratories by special materials are sticking to the teeth. Process hang out and is very resistant to radiation uv-ray.

لمینت دندان

The care after dental lamination

Care after laminate teeth is very important.
A person should be sure to take care of oral hygiene after lamination. High pressure and impact should not be applied to the teeth at all. If your teeth are coated, be sure to use dental floss and see your doctor every 6 months for an examination.
You will not have any problems with dental laminate to eat, you can eat easily.

لمینت دندان

One of the advantages of laminates compared to composites is that the laminate has a much higher transparency and does not have discoloration. That is why you can safely do teeth staining.

Replacement of coated teeth

 If the platelets are damaged or broken for any reason, they can be easily replaced. Also, if the platelets change color, they can be returned to their original color by polishing. Sometimes teeth may also be removed due to the effect of chips. In this case, you should see your doctor to re-paste it. If you feel sore or red after brushing your teeth, make sure you see your doctor to check for health.

لمینت دندان

Types of laminate

Generally, we have two categories of Dental laminate

Ceramic laminates: These types of laminates are made of ceramic, which is called Chinese type of laminates. Ceramic laminate has a much more beautiful appearance, is more durable and also has more stability than composite laminates. This type of dental laminate is made after molding in the laboratory and is more expensive than other types of laminate.

لمینت دندان

Laminate Composite: Dental composite requires less processing than ceramic laminate, and even if the condition of the teeth is favorable, no machinery is required. The variety of colors in the compounds is much greater, so you can use a compound that will be exactly the color of the teeth and looks more natural. Another thing is that if you are doing composite lamination, you have to pay less than ceramic laminate.

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