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Dental Composite

 Performing dental composites in White Smile Dental Complex

Dental Composite

The beauty of the teeth and having a charming smile will make each face different. Fortunately, today there are many different methods for this purpose. You can benefit from the science of cosmetic dentistry and have healthy and beautiful teeth. One of the methods of dental restoration and beauty that has a lot of fans is dental composite.

انجام کامپوزیت دندان

In fact, composite is one of the cosmetic methods for restoration and filling of teeth. With this method, you can fix your teeth and have a more beautiful smile.

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How do your teeth fit together?

This compound is a material of plastic and glass that is used to repair decayed teeth.  This paste-like substance is placed on the teeth in a way that corrects the shape and color of the teeth.  It also gives a beautiful effect to your smile by creating a beautiful and bright color on the teeth.  Finally, the dentist also uses rays of a specific wavelength to harden each layer of the composite on the tooth.

انجام کامپوزیت دندان

Dental composite steps

The first step for dental composites is to choose the composite that fits your tooth. In fact, the composite of the teeth is done in various colors, and to repair the teeth, each person must choose the color according to their needs. In the next step, if the tooth surface is not clean and solid. – Free, the dentist polishes your teeth to remove any plaque from the teeth. As a result, the teeth are ready to be placed in the composite.
Then we reach the stage of impregnating the tooth surfaces with a special acidic substance. This substance is gelled on the tooth surface for 15 seconds and then it is completely washed from the tooth. After placing the composite material on the tooth, the dentist shines a beam of light at a specific wavelength.

What are the advantages of fixtures?

It can be said that the most important feature of the fixtures is the color of the material used to match the color of your teeth. Another advantage of this treatment is that it does not wear away and breaks except in the case of extreme pressure length and other advantages. In composites, teeth can be polished and repaired as often as necessary. We recommend that people who have non-patchy teeth or whose teeth have discolored get the help of dental composites. Dental compounds with needed caregivers can last an average of 5 to 10 years. Although these statistics are on different people and depend on many cases.
It should be noted that the price of dental composites in dental clinics varies according to the experience and skill of the dentist. In addition, the necessary examinations and investigations and the geographical area have an impact on this matter.

انجام کامپوزیت دندان

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