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Cosmetic dental cortex

It’s not impossible to wish for a beautiful smile. A beautiful smile can be designed using treatment methods such as cosmetic dandruff. In some cases, teeth may lose their beauty due to different factors. In such cases, the dandruff can be used.

In addition to creating a beautiful smile, the dental cortex also has an effect on longevity. In order to use beautiful paint, various paints such as metallic and gold plated can be used.

انواع روکش دندان

Golden dental coverage

Today, many people tend to use gold plated for their teeth. Paint made of alloys such as gold increases the age of the teeth and has high resistance to breakage and corrosion.

Using the golden denture, a large part of the dental structure is preserved. Because a bit of teeth peel in order to use the golden cortex.

Metal dental cladding

Cladding is another rooque that is used to extend the lifespan of teeth and cover the apparent defects of the tooth. Cladding based on metal alloys is a good option for rear teeth. These veneers require a part of the enamel so they can stick to it easily.

full Ceramic Coating

All ceramic veneer is another type of dental veneer that is effective in modifying and improving the smile design and people who, for whatever reason, do not want to use the cladding can use all ceramic veneer. It is interesting to know that using all the ceramic veneers can increase the length of short teeth.

Zirconia coating

Zirconia crust is a type of crust that is effective in drawing a beautiful smile.
The zirconia coat is made of chemically neutral material.
Zirconia cortex resembles natural teeth and can be adjusted to the color of other teeth. Zirconia cortex can be used for different teeth. Because this paint is highly resistant to change and corrosion, it is made of materials compatible with body tissues.

Dental implant coating

Some people lose part of their teeth for a variety of reasons, and tooth loss can have negative effects on the beauty of a person’s smile. Implants are one of the ways to treat.

In fact, the use of implants can replace to lost teeth that look like natural teeth.

The implant consists of two parts: the cortex and the root. The root part is placed inside the patient’s jawbone. The implant crust is also selected according to the patient’s request of gold, metal and ceramic alloys and covers the screw of the implant.
Dandruff dental implants are different from other cosmetic dental cortex. In this way, the root or foundation of the implants is performing during surgery and the implant shell is then placed on the metal screws.

ایمپلنت دندان

Prosthesis of teeth

One of the methods of treatment for irregular teeth is the dental suit. In fact, the use of prosthetics for teeth can replace to lost teeth. Since most treatment methods, such as dental implants are expensive, most people prefer to use toothpaste or artificial dentures to treat their teeth.

The prosthesis is divided into two categories: the complete and incomplete prosthesis. In this way, if a number of teeth are lost, they use an incomplete suit and if all teeth are lost, the full prosthesis is used.

Also, tooth prosthetics are repaired and removable. fixed prosthesis is the type that the patient cannot move, but the removable prosthesis can be transferred.

Dental laminate

Dental laminate is a thin crust that is implemented to make the teeth beautiful and sorted, as well as to improve the beauty of the patient’s smile design. In fact, laminate can be said to be one of the treatment methods for people whose teeth have changed color and fractures or do not have balanced teeth.

Dental lamination corrects all obvious defects of age and gives the tooth a special beauty and shine.

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