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Dental implants

Implants, dental implants, artificial implants and implants without surgery

Cosmetic dentistry

Ceramic laminate, composite veneer, zirconium coating or full ceramic for teeth.

Gum surgery

Types of surgery and gum repair

Adjust the smile design

Gum and lip tissues aim to design a smile

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening with the best methods available

Hollywood Smile

Create a Hollywood smile exactly like artists

Ceramic sheet

Order for ceramic tooth laminate

Zirconium coating

And with a lifelong comfort

Dentistry with anesthesia

If you feel dental pain and fear of dentistry, you can use dental procedures with anesthesia performed by having a white smile dental complex and treat dental problems in deep sleep. In this treatment method, based on the diagnosis of the anesthesiologist and dentist, in this way the person is conscious during local anesthesia and able to communicate, but will not feel the process of dental treatment or even the initial injection of dental anesthesia.

Implant the teeth without bleeding.

Many customers may not decide to do this due to fear of pain, bleeding and dental implants and may leave the idea of beautifying their teeth.

White Smile Clinic uses its modern and standard equipment to perform this important dental procedure with minimal complications, pain and no bleeding through artificial transplantation.

How to operate and restore the gum?

Gum surgery is performed by specialist doctors at the White Smile Dental Complex. Gum pulp, bone grafts and reconstruction and regeneration of gum tissue to prevent tooth falls are among the surgeries performed at the White Smile Clinic. To prevent diseases such as genophyte inflammation and periodontal synaecitis, the doctor sees the solution in surgery and gum repair.

Procedure for bleaching teeth.

As much as you care about your teeth, like brushing your teeth and using flossing. Teeth whitening is done using hydrogen peroxide. Contact a white smile clinic for the price of how to whiten your teeth.

What is ceramic, layered?

Ceramic laminate must be ordered, manufactured and executed individually for each applicant. Ceramic laminate is actually a very thin shell that is placed on the teeth. Ceramic dental laminate can also be used to correct smile design. All chips are very thin and have high durability.

What is cosmetic dentistry?

Sometimes the visitor does not need to treat his teeth and, of course, he has healthy teeth. But the beauty of a smile is very important to him. In this case, the White Smile Dental Clinic brings you the beauty of a smile using methods such as smile design, which include ceramics, plate methods, composite crust, zirconium crust or all ceramics.

What is a smile redesign?

In order to achieve a beautiful smile without flawlessness, you sometimes need to go to the dentist and, after being examined by him, and pay attention to suggestions to modify the design of the smile. The specialist suggests designs to achieve a beautiful smile using the White Asmael (white smile) that will vary according to the shape of the mouth, gums and teeth. For instance, for some, ceramic, laminate can be used and for some clients the zirconia coating is described.

Do you want to have a Hollywood smile?

We’ve all seen the beautiful smiles of celebrities or famous singers who, of course, have white, tidy teeth. Of course, they didn’t all have such congenital teeth. Their review of skilled and valid dentistry is one of the things that is usually done by these people. If you want to design a Hollywood smile, contact us.

The zirconium rind in a white smile.

Zircon cladding is an alloy of a type of metal. Its color is white and its application in dentistry is very high. This cortex bears a great resemblance to the real age. After consultation, this type of paint is done by White Asmal or White Smile Dental Complex in the best way.

East Tehran Dental Association (Narmak)

According to the search for patients or applicants for dental beautification in eastern Tehran, if you are a resident of eastern Tehran and around neighborhoods such as Ait, Bassem Zahar Rah Tiffin Khanh (addressee's name) across the road, Narmak and their areas. Like white smile dental branch in western Tehran, this center will host you on some days of the week. You can view the schedule of days and working hours of these branches on the website or contact us to book an appointment

Dentistry West of Tehran (Shahrak West)

The White Smile Dental Clinic complex in the western branch of Tehran, like its other branch in eastern Tehran, has enough facilities to host patients and applicants for cosmetic dentistry. The center operates on some days of the week according to the schedule and hours announced on the website. For more information and reservations, you can contact us on the mentioned numbers or through the dental appointment booking form. Western branch, for residents of western Tehran such as around “Belwardaria”, Saadabad District, Shahrak West, etc. Hosting will be guaranteed.


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White Smile Dental Clinic Group, with two The branch is located in the east (Narmak) and west (west of the city) of Tehran, which offers services from 10am to 20pm on Saturdays to Wednesdays. Cosmetic dental applicants or patients with dental problems can apply for an appointment via the booking form or call +989120549568.

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    We promise you a beautiful smile for you.

    You will also have the peace and charm of convenience and service with our experienced staff and experts.

    White Smile Dental Group, with over 20 years of experience and committed expert staff, as well as a commitment to patients’ rights to medical advice from specialists and accompanying patients in the course of treatment, will also provide the best and most appropriate treatment for patients.

    Our Corporate Values:

    • Commitment to health
    • Treatment and training
    • Respect and attention to colleagues and customers
    • Speed and accuracy in the provision of services
    • Raising awareness and making progress for each other

    Teeth whitening

    Dental neurosurgery, as well as gums.

    Removal of bad breath

    Meet the White Smile medical team

    Our specialists in the clinic


    You will have a great experience with the experienced doctor and dentist staff of the White Smile Clinic:

    Attention and our necessary reserves from Corona!

    Full compliance with health protocols

    • Sterile and daily censorship of the office
    • Distance spacing between patients
    • Provide shoe covers, masks and disinfectant liquid on arrival.

    We’ve provided you with a quiet environment!

    From the time you arrive at the clinic, conditions will be provided for your comfort and calmness. Even for loved ones who have little fear and anxiety during dentistry, anesthesia or deep sleep aims to treat with a safe mind without feeling pain. Just talk to your doctor about it and get the best advice. These procedures can be performed in both the eastern and western branches of the White Smile Dental Clinic in Tehran. Take off your teeth, or implant and other treatment methods you can do with advice and examine your anesthesiologist for peace of mind.

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